We believe that  together we can help improve the livelihood of those in need. Therefore,  20% of Harmony HK bi-annual fashion shows goes to charities supporting refugees, child education,  gender inequalities, orphans and NGO environmental projects.


– Avocats des Sans Voix –

Avocats des Sans Voix (ASV); translated to “Lawyers of the Voiceless”, is a Congolese non-profit which was founded by Leon Otshudi Okondjo a lawyer in Kinshasa. ASV strives to amplify the voices of the easily ignored; the marginalised in the society. Abandoned and wrongly convicted, and then subject to sexual violence, the founder’s mother’s plight and his own plight in a bonded child labour system inspired him to start ASV. The goals of ASV are to advocate, protect and empower some of Congo’s underserved communities.

Learning Together

Learning Together fosters initiatives that integrate Asylum Seekers and Refugees (ASR) in Hong Kong and builds leadership within an empowered community. With a particular focus on the power of youth, Learning Together runs a three-part program that seeks to inspire and enable young ASRs between the age of 15 and 25 to achieve their full potential despite institutional challenges.

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