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Our Mission

In a society where lack of representation and racial discrimination is prevalent, we believe in creating a platform for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to showcase their talent and art, and aid refugee children’s education assisting them to reach their creative careers one step at a time.

We are Harmony. We Think Diversity.

Our Team

anthony tamayo asis


john david dela peri

art director

harmony "anne-marie" Ilunga

founder | ceo

innocent mutanga

co-founder | coo | President


operations manager

Media Coverage

The Adventist College student hoping to bring harmony to Hong Kong by using fashion, music and dance to combat city’s overt racism 

– South China Morning Post

Innocent Mutanga and Anne-Marie Butunda Ilunga – Harmony Show Hong Kong

– RTHK Podcast

Harmony HK combines rap, art and fashion

We are one of them. They are one of us.

That, in a nutshell, was the overarching message of Harmony HK’s bi-annual fashion show, Harmony Show Vol. 2, that was held on the 1st of June 2019. The words, used by MC Khadija Khan when welcoming the audience, were a nod to the speech given by New Zealand Prime Minister Jessica Ardern after the Christchurch shootings. Khan was referring to the organisation’s aim which is to use fashion, music and art to “spotlight minority talents and raise awareness on refugees”. The show, that featured talented designers and musicians, also donated part of its earnings to local NGO Learning Together Hong Kong.  

– #legend 

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