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The lowest cardinal number, a singular person or the collective of us all. One. A monosyllabic word, heavy with meaning.

This year has been turbulent, with a world held in the firm grip of a pandemic. It has also highlighted some of the challenges of remaining connected to one another when we cannot be physically together. However, there have also been opportunities for transformation and refocusing on what is truly important: us, and how we can be unified front in the midst of chaos.

“We wanted this show to represent unity – a synonym of unity is ONE,” says Harmony Illunga, the founder of Harmony HK. “Whatever it is COVID-19, global politics or the Black Lives Matter movement, it is easy to point out our differences or point the finger at one another but when we come as one in unity, we can see beauty in the collective.”

Following the mantra of “Think Diversity”, the concept of ONE will highlight the ways in which the creative talents which make up the show are celebrated on a unified platform. “The fact that we all have differences to celebrate makes us the same – there is no more critical moment than now to come together in peace and harmony.”

Regardless of country of origin, skin colour or legal status, Harmony HK. advocates for strength through diversity. We aim to celebrate the beauty of our differences as one; to showcase narratives from all corners of society, we have created a platform where all can come together as one.

Throughout our show, we will feature five main colours that are reflected behind our unity together. They consist of red, blue, yellow, green, and black. These colours represent our values and attitude towards the world.

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